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So what is a Bampot or a MacSporran … a Hugmahush or a Moortie? How do Hairy Horny Haggis compare to their Domesticated cousins?

Discover the truth about Faeries, Nessie, Silkies and Water Kelpies. Unearth facts on Howfs, Haughs and Hamelldaemes and pore over a map of the long ‘lost’ Glen Wheesht.

Meander along paths in the Great Wood of Caledon or soar above the magnificent Faerie mountain of Schiehallion.

Encounter Brochs and Bogles, Cabers and Cairngorms and have revealed the richness of Life that lies beside you and yet exists unseen.

Sneak into the hidden world of the Scottish Beasties now…

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