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SB HQ  - Hello Happy Mum !
Hello Happy Mum !

Glad to hear that your lad is getting the reading Beastie (or should that be bug ?).

Reading after lights out, eh ? Clearly he's going to be a night tracker.

Lying on the floor ? Already he knows to keep as low as possible to stay out of sight.

It sounds as if you have a natural tracker in your midst, Mum.

Give him lots of encouragement ... and get him out there !

Aw ra best,
High Heid Yin !
Caroline Greene  - Happy Mum
;) My little fella has been entirely averse to reading unless forced to until just this last week or so. He was lying on the floor reading your book this evening (when he was supposed to be in bed) and when I came in, piped up "Hey Mummy, this book is really good!"

Thank you for that! It's such a relief to see my child enjoying reading at last.
SB HQ  - Hello Annie !
Hi Annie,

That's great to hear that you are tracking using your Field Guide !

If you or any of your friends take any photos of Beasties or Beastie masks in famous / unusual places or have any ideas for the website, drop us a line and we'll try and get them on the website as soon as possible.

We have been looking through Lachie's notes recently and are about to post a few new 'sights' for you to try and spot next time you are out and about ... so stay tuned !

In the meantime, aw ra best,
High Heid Yin !
Annie McFerson  - I love this website
i abselutley love this website and have been tracking all the beasties with the trackers guide !!!! thank you Scottish Beasties !!!
SB HQ  - Update
Happy New Year everyone !

Sorry for the silence of late. We're so used to ducking out of sight of you Humans that it is very strange trying to contact you instead ! :)

The Charlotte Square Beastie is posted and there may be a couple of other exciting developments for 2012 but we can't tell you about them yet ! :P

As always, we love feedback from all Scottish Beastie trackers so if you have any sightings, photos, questions or new locations then get in touch !

Until then, have a very happy and healthy 2012 !

Aw ra best,
High Heid Yin !
SB HQ  - Charlotte Square Beastie
Hi beastie trackers,

The Charlotte Square Beastie has been released onto the world ... well, a very specialised part of the world - the fantastically creative audience at the Edinburgh International Book Festival ... who suggested how the beastie should look ... and behave.

Scary !!!

Stay tuned and see what they came up with shortly ...

Aw ra best,
High Heid Yin !
SB HQ  - Charlotte Square Beastie
Hi everyone,

A wee beastie has just whispered in my ear that the Charlotte Square Beastie (the creature created by the fantastic audience at the recent Edinburgh International Book Festival) is nearly ready to be revealed.

Obviously, the audience will be the first to sneak a keek at the results ... but we promise to show all of you shortly.

In the meantime, keep tracking and get ready to send us your photos and experiences and we'll post them on the new page ... once the techie wizards and witches cast their magic over the site to allow you to send us your results !?*!

With best wishes,
High Heid Yin !
SB HQ  - re: Uploading Beastie photos
Hi Megan,

Glad you liked the Beastie tracking lessons at the Edinburgh International Book Festival ... and you are absolutely correct in saying that there isn't a way to upload Beastie photos onto the website (though there is for your mask photos so keep them coming in !). How daft are we ? It must have been the Bampots that designed that part of the web site !?*! We shall let everyone know when that is sorted out ...

I must say that we at SB HQ can't wait to see this Hairy Moortie ... a new sub - species !

Oh ... and it won't be long before the Charlotte Square Beastie is ready for viewing too !

Thanks again and we'll be in touch shortly,
High Heid Yin.
Megan  - Uploading Beastie photos
I absolutely loved your show! I was thinking about the Beast we were creating - I think it should have whiskers and tree like hair so it can blend in better. My sisters and me went Beastie hunting to Cove today. I think we have discovered a new breed of Hairy Moorties (I took photos but can't see a way to send them to you) perhaps you could add a page where people can send in photos of sightings! We saw some great clouds too (Mum says scotland is definitely the best place for those) I can't wait to see our Beast. Love Megan
SB HQ  - re:
Mg wrote:
I think he is hiding in my house somewhere, cos my ironing pile is ridiculously large for only two people!

I'm assuming that you are talking about a hugmahush, MG ?

It is highly unlikely that he is hiding under your ironing ... but it's a good excuse and we won't tell, if you don't !!!!
I think he is hiding in my house somewhere, cos my ironing pile is ridiculously large for only two people!
SB HQ  - Contact !
Contact from Lachie ...

... and this ties in with the word on the 'track' just received at Scottish Beasties HQ that a large 'rammy' of Faeries was seen just outside Melrose (where we suspected) heading North last night.

Our source lost them in a Faery Glade shortly thereafter but she said that the party was definitely escorting a 'tall prisoner'.

It's interesting that Lachie managed to send the message in the middle of the day ... maybe when the Faeries were sleeping ... or a dozy guard was sleeping more like ?

I wouldn't like to be in that Faerie's shoes if he is found out !

Any of you Humans seen or heard anything ?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have as we may be able to intercept them out in the open en route to wherever the Faeries are heading.

High Heid Yin.
Lachie Dundurn  - Hello ?
Hello ?

I've been moved ... looking at the moss on the trees, it's northwards towards ...

---- line cut ----

SB HQ  - Congratulations Nathan !!!!
Well, many have tried but all have failed .... until now !
Congratulations to Nathan Ekiog who is the first person to count all the snouts on the website ... and agree with our total !?*!
It is a fantastic effort and clearly, he is a master Scottish Beastie tracker in the making !
So who else likes a REAL challenge ?
Will your observation skills be able to conquer this Herculean task ?
All is explained in the 'Fun' section under S.O.S. (Sniff Out Snouts).
Good luck !
Lauren  - Amazing!
I love this website and the book is so funny. I read it all in 1 go! I think the pictures of the maskes are great, (models included), and the characters are amazing! :D
From your biggest fan, Lauren.x
SB HQ  - Thanks everyone !
Good day Humans !

Thanks for all the kind comments over the last few weeks from all you trainee Beastie spotters.

It is really good to hear your impressions of the web site and book ... so keep 'em coming ! :)

Let's also hear any stories of spotting Beasties in the 'wilds' of your local parks or out in the countryside or down at the beach.

We Beasties are all around you and not all of us are great at camouflage ... so let's hear your animal stories from Foxes, Squirrels and Sheep to Bampots, Moorties and Hugmahush. The tales can be posted here and any photos can be posted in the 'fun' section along with the photos of the masks in unusual places (or with famous or unusual Humans) !

Elsewhere, Lachie Dundurn has not made another attempt to contact us but we are watching and waiting ...
John Steele  - aka Auld Steamie
Brilliant web site. Found it after I bought the book. The grand weans love it and has me chuckling along as well. Well I am a big 60 year old kid! :woohoo:
Laura  - fantastic
This is a brilliant website
I have just bought the book and it is fantastic. My kids love it and it has encouraged them to go outside a lot more than they would have done before to look for all those beasties out there !
They have asked me to say that "we hope you escape from the Faeries soon, Lachie!"
I would recommend everyone (of all ages !) to purchase this guide as it is pure genius!
Ian and Trish  - "This man is a Genius!"

Pure Genius!

Lachie is in a class of his own!.

It's the essential pocket guide which should be carried everywhere!
His characters are inspirational - it is a must read for all ages. (JK Eat your heart out!!). This IS the new phenonemon of the 21st Century!

We can't wait to aquaint ourselves with some "Beasties" at Edin. Book Festival, especially long lost relatives, Great Auntie Hugmahush and Cousin Hush!! But will they recognise us??!!

We look forward to the next read!! Make it soon!!

Best Huggle Wishes

Ian and Trish

Anonymous  - re: BRAW !! ( I have just learnt that that means b
[quote=Ailsa !!]WOW !
This is an amazing website I love it in SO many ways!
The characters are so funny ( especially the Bampot )
I have already made a mask and I have learnt so many new Scottish words!
Thank you to the maker of this website !
Ailsa !!!
lol from bex :confused:
SB HQ  - Confirmation
Hello Dave,

We, at Scottish Beasties HQ were just as curious as you were about that last 'post' and have been trying to track it down. It seems to have come from somewhere in the middle of the Eildon Hills in the Borders of Scotland (near Melrose)... where no internet connections should be ... and it does appear genuine and it does seem that it was cut off deliberately ... so it could be Lachie Dundurn trying to get in contact !!!

Rest assured, we shall have a 24 hour monitor on this line from now on, in case he tries to contact us again !

With best wishes,
High Heid Yin.
Dave Cuthbertson  - Was that ... ?
Was that THE Lachie Dundurn ?

The man who wrote the book ?

Where is he ?

Who's captured him ?

Why did he stop in the middle of his e-mail ??? :(

Can we have some answers, please ?

Great book by the way ! :woohoo:

Lachie Dundurn  - Hello ????
Hello ?

Is anyone there ?

My name is Lachie Dundurn and I have been captured by the ...

---- line cut ----

carol and Trisha  - brilliant
Good to see this great new website promoting the good and the great of Scottish nature!!
Characters are great. Look forward to reading the books..
Ailsa !!  - BRAW !! ( I have just learnt that that means brill
This is an amazing website I love it in SO many ways!
The characters are so funny ( especially the Bampot )
I have already made a mask and I have learnt so many new Scottish words!
Thank you to the maker of this website !
Ailsa !!!
Maryanne Beare  - Great!!!
Dear William,

What a web-site...I just loved all of it...too many to mention...I have to get to work. this morning..yet the child in me just wants to stay all day play and work through the Beastie trail....what can I say....only..repeat 'Great' a truly an incredible Artist....
I loved the Puffins and sunset over Dunure......your art so calming and peaceful.
WOW....what a talented Guy you are:-)!!!
Rebecca  - WOW!!!
love the pics
love the masks
love the beasties
I haven't laughed so much in ages!!!
my fav beastie would HAVE to be the hugmahushes
jimmy  - missing and dangerous: wee besom
I came here looking for a wee besom but I can see she hasn't been here yet - far too peaceful on this page - she would have had the hugmahush fighting with the moorties by now.
Sandra Light  - Brilliant!
Thanks for cheering up my week, havn't laughed so much in ages. It's all brilliant, and hope JK is shaking in her shoes. Can I organise the official Scottish Beasties Oscar party in LA? Starring roles - Billy Connolly, Ewan McGregor, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Colin Firth, Michael Buble (do any of the Beasties sing? If not, I think they should start)

Love it, Love it, Love it!
Sandra xx