Scottish Beasties

Photos of a Bogle sighting.

Mr. Geoffrey Barrowman from Kent sent this fascinating …. and scary … series of photos in to SB HQ. They were shot in June of this year (2011) and came about on a woodland trek, north of Glen Affric when Geoff noticed a cave in the hillside far above the path he was walking along.

Photos of a Bogle sighting. Photos of a Bogle sighting.

a closer look

Intrigued, he knew that he had to take a closer look. Thankfully, he remembered to snap away on his camera as he clambered up the hill.

a closer look a closer look

oh, oh...

As he got closer, he noticed thin tendrils of white wispy smoke appearing out of the cave.


Suddenly, a terrifying face appeared in the gloom of the cave.

crivvens crivvens

help ma boab!

Although starting to feel scared, Geoff put his camera to ‘zoom’.

help ma boab! help ma boab!

maybe that's close enough

By this stage, the air was freezing cold and a long low howl emerged from the cave. Geoff was so scared that his hands were shaking as he took the last photo which blurred the ‘shot’. After this, he sprinted back down the hill as fast as his legs could carry him!

maybe that's close enough maybe that's close enough

he's gone... or is he?

Luckily, the Bogle chose not to follow him. It seems that it was merely warning him ‘off’ its territory. Incredibly, Geoff returned the next day to photograph the cave (from afar). This time, the sun was shining and there was no sign of the Bogle.

he's gone... or is he? he's gone... or is he?

Foon Oot!

Sometimes ... just sometimes ... a human can get lucky and see a Scottish Beastie in its own environment. Here is a photograph shot near Killin, Perthshire by Mr. Arthur Cadwallader of Bristol in 1987. At first glance, it looks like a fairly dull pile of boulders.

Foon Oot! Foon Oot!


However, when Mr. Cadwallader took a closer look and enlarged the scene twice over, this is what he saw.

closer... closer...

a Moortie!

Clearly visible is a Moortie herding her rocks and blissfully unaware of the photographer's presence. It is this sort of fortuitous break that is allowing Science to gain greater understanding of the creatures that exist around us. After studying Mr. Cadwallader's fascinating photographs, we would encourage all Scottish Beastie hunters to be more vigilant than ever.

a Moortie! a Moortie!
Foon Oot!