Scottish Beasties




OK, this is just for fun ... and especially for those of you who like a BIG challenge !

How many Hairy Horny Haggis snouts like the ones either side of 'sniff out snouts' above (that's the first two for you !) do you think there are on this website? You'll have to look carefully as they can be anywhere from words in titles to door knockers (as on this page ... that's number three !).

Count them up and send us your answer via the 'Contacts' page (not the 'Comments' page so as not to spoil it for anyone else who wants to play) and we'll get back to you with our total. We hope that they match ... but it's hard for us too as with every change we make on the site, more snouts appear. Aaaargh !

Good luck !



Sniff Out Snouts