Scottish Beasties

This page gives you a list of Scottish words used on the site and their everyday English equivalents.

Scots English
Awa’ away
Bampot someone likely to do daft things
Broch pre-historic circular stone tower
Caber trunk of a pine tree shorn of branches
Caber’s awa’ War cry of the MacSporran
Caledon Scotland
Clarty filthy, mucky, sticky
Clattie very dirty, mucky
Cloot a cloth
Crannog ancient dwelling on a man-made island
Dinnae fash yersels don't worry about it
Droukit soaked through
Foon oot found out, discovered
Glaikit really stupid
Haggis Hog a young haggis
Hamelldaeme home will do me
Haud yer Wheesht! be quiet!
Haugh a piece of flat land near water
Howf a rough and ready meeting place / shelter
Hugmahush an untidy person
Keek peek, a quick look at
Loch lake
Malky to attack
Minger a smelly or ugly person / creature
Mollicate to beat someone up
Noo ye ken now you know
Numpty someone who makes a fool of himself unwittingly
Quaich a two handled, bowl-shaped drinking cup
Ramgunshoch rude or bad-tempered
Sheemach a mass of untidy hair
Thunderplump a sudden thundery downpour of rain
Wheesht quiet
Scottish to English Dictionary