Scottish Beasties


A Hairy Horny Haggis who is bored with life in Glen Wheesht. He leaps at the chance to go on a quest to save his glen and handles the ensuing trials and tribulations with enthusiasm, bravery and honour.  His over confidence can lead him to appearing pompous but he always means well.

Hamilton Hamilton


A Hairy Horny Haggis who believes that not only is she equal to any male, but is far superior in most cases.  This leads her to being bossy and impatient on occasions but she is also brave, clever and considerate. She is a haggis who loves to accessorise!

Iona Iona


A sarcastic Hairy Horny Haggis who always thinks of himself first and who has no interest in being brave ! Dragged unwillingly into the quest to save his glen, he is suspicious of individuals’ selfless motives and is happy to allow others to volunteer in his place!

Fergus Fergus


He is a MacSporran who is streetwise, loyal and has a ferocious fighting spirit when threatened. Malky is the sort of beastie that if he believes he is right, he will take on the world single-handed and is not afraid to get stuck in when the going gets tough. He loves competing in Highland Games and has his caber with him constantly … just in case there’s a chance to get in a bit of extra caber tossing practice!

Malky Malky


Jammy or Half a Jar of Raspberry Jam Bampot to give him his full name (Bampot mothers name their children after the first thing they see on giving birth … and Jammy's mother was clearing the breakfast dishes when he was born) is not the wisest creature on the planet. Forced to be single-minded as his brain can't cope with two thoughts at once, Jammy takes whatever is said to him literally. As a result, chaos is never far behind when Jammy appears but for all that, he is loyal, never complains and sees the best in everyone.

Jammy Jammy


As Domesticated Haggis go, Glaikit is moderately intelligent but that isn't saying much. Sadly, intensive breeding has meant that this variety of haggis has grown stupid and excitable and Glaikit is no exception. However, he is a loyal and affectionate pet and is easily pleased with the simple things in Life like chasing a stick, a warm meal and his basket by the hearth.

Glaikit Glaikit


She is the Queen of the Midges and is a thoroughly unpleasant creature with no redeeming features. She revels in others' misfortune and loves scheming for her own gain. She is a bully and a coward and her greatest pleasure is sucking blood out of her unsuspecting victims … slowly !

Minger Minger


He is a Blue Bottle but likes to be known as the Lord of the Flies. In the animal kingdom he is the equivalent of a football hooligan – ignorant, image conscious, loutish and keen to get into a bit of trouble. He is easily distracted, likes bumping into things and his favourite treat is dining on cow-pats.

Flum Flum


He is a Rain-Cloud who is embarrassed by his habit of relieving himself on people’s heads. His attempts to avoid head-wetting, force him to spend most of his time out at sea which only makes his dark moods worse as yet more sea water condenses into him. He hangs around fishermen who are one of the few living things pleased to see him. His ambition is to be a frivolous “high flying” cirrus cloud.

Drookit Drookit

Agnes Ness

Better known as Nessie, Agnes is intelligent, kind, hospitable and a proud mother. She enjoys travel and story-telling (especially tales of the old days) and likes nothing better than foiling Human attempts to catch her in Loch Ness.

Agnes Ness Agnes Ness


Moorties don't talk much in their everyday lives so they are unlikely to be the comedians at a beastie gathering. It is hard for an outsider to get to know a Moortie well. Although quiet and dull, Moorties are always reliable which may be where the phrase 'As solid as a rock' comes from. Recently however, and much to the disgust of their stoney-faced elders, some rebellious youngsters are learning to 'party' and it is now acknowledged that young Moorties play the best rock music in the Natural Beastie World.

Moortie Moortie


He is King of the Faeries and loves nothing better than getting something free … especially after he has agreed to pay for it ! He is despotic, cowardly, devious … and scared of his bossy wife, Queen Magnolia. They live in a magnificent Faerie palace which lies deep within the mountain of Schiehallion, Perthshire.


Like all Hugmahush, Pete is a slow-moving creature from a by-gone era but that doesn't mean that he is slow-witted. He is a deep thinker who ponders the bigger questions in Life and takes years over deciding the answers. Unkempt in appearance and rather set in his ways, Pete enjoys cerebral jokes and lateral-thinking puzzles. He is both honourable and kind … but won't allow burrowing animals anywhere near him as he doesn't like draughts !

Pete Pete


The Sheemach whilst technically not a beastie is a man who comes into contact with beasties every day of his life and treats them as if they were fellow human beings. The Sheemach is dishevelled, has outrageously unkempt hair, a short memory span and is so focused on his own work that he is oblivious to the extraordinary things that go on around him. Although he doesn’t realise it, he is a ‘bridge’ between Humans and the hidden world of Scottish Beasties.

Sheemach Sheemach